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Oct 15, 2020

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November 4, 2020


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International Seminar on Innovation in Art, Resonance of Technology and Science (ISI-ARTS 2020)
Sustainability of Creativity and Art Studies, in the Digital Technology Revolution

This seminar is one of the steps in our annual seminar. Every year we always look for actual topics that are challenging for discussion. That is so we can explore knowledge that focuses on the development of art and science of art. In 2014, we held two seminars, each entitled “Lokalitas Sastra Pertunjukan” and “ASEAN Community and Artistic Achievement”. In 2015, we also held two international seminars on the issue of “Artistic Innovation: Local-Global Meetings” and “Digi-Culture: Ideas, Practices, and Challenges”. In 2016, we held three seminars, each with the theme “Artistic Research”, “Local Aesthetic” and “Paradigms in Art Creation and Art Studies” framed in The 1st International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Arts Creation and Studies (IICACS). In 2017, we also held three seminars. The first is a seminar entitled "Art, Religion, and Civilization". Second is the International Conference on Arts and Creativity (ICAC). The third is a seminar on "Arts in History, Culture, Philosophy, Education, and Heritage" within the framework of The 2nd International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Arts Creation and Studies (IICACS). In 2018, we held another international seminar within the frame of the International Seminar on Innovation in Creativity and Art (ISICA) #1. In 2019, we continued the national seminar that focuses on innovation. For this reason, we hold the International Seminar on Innovation and Creativity of Arts (ISICA) #2 by choosing the themes of Arts Culture, Philosophy, Education, and Heritage. In 2020, we will be more excited to discuss innovation. However, there is an augmentation of ideas which is essentially a need for real knowledge. The need for knowledge will serve to facilitate the development of art and art science, namely knowledge in the field of the art technology. To that end, we began the initiation by building a new title, namely the International Seminar on Innovation in Arts, Technology and Science. Organizing international seminars on art, technology and science innovation is a fundamental requirement. This seminar is an academic discussion room that will explore the thoughts and findings of research in the form of theories, concepts, and empirical experiences that can provide alternative answers to life in the digital revolution. Topics raised in this seminar include problems of creativity, innovation, philosophical building, various practices but not limited to formalism in art, technology and science. The purpose of organizing this seminar is to foster enthusiasm and academic attitude to deliver the birth of artistic, technological and scientific innovations. At least there is hope for the growth of innovation in art itself and innovation in the development of art technology and art science. Without enthusiasm and academic attitude, the development of art, art technology and art-science is only a mirage.

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Keynoted & Invited Speakers

Keynoted & Invited Speakers will provide a variety of perspectives from different academic and professional backgrounds

Prof. Adrian David Cheok*

Imagineering Institute (Malaysia)
Professor of Artificial Intelligent and Media Communication, Director of the Imagineering Institute, Malaysia


Universiti Utara Malaysia (Malaysia)
Universiti Utara Malaysia | UUM · School of Creative Industry Management & Performing Art (SCIMPA)


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